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            Hebei flange pipe fittings Group Co., Ltd., registered capital of 50.98 million yuan, covers an area of 13.5 million square meters, is located in "China elbow pipe fittings are" the Mengtsun Autonomous County, specializing in the production of flanges, pipe fittings, elbow, tee, fittings, flange gaskets and head, is the domestic production of the flange, pipeline components, series products earlier, one of the manufacturers, companies with quality inspection center, based on the standard of GB/T19001/2000, through the pressure pipe fittings acceptance with the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine organization, issued a special equipment manufacturing license.

          • Production equipment
          • Production equipment
          • Production equipment
          • Production equipment
          Enterprise purpose:
          With quality first, honesty, careful manufacturing, customer satisfaction.
          Business objectives:
          Taking the concept innovation as the guide,the organization innovation as the guarantee, the technology innovation as the means, the market innovation as the goal.
          Marketing concept:
          Take the customer as the center, manage and improve the customer focus.